Missing Teeth?

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Dental implants are a tried and true solution for missing teeth. They provide the stability to chew a variety of foods and recreate a full and beautiful smile. They are implanted into the bone and come up through the gums to provide a very life-like appearance – no one will be able to tell they are not your natural teeth. Whether you have one or many missing teeth, implants can be placed in the front or back of your mouth. If you have no teeth, they provide excellent stability for dentures that you will no longer have to remove at night. We handle the entire procedure, so you will not need to be referred to another practice.

  Immediate Load Implants – An Easy Solution for Missing Teeth

Today’s dental advancements bring solutions that are easier, quicker, and provide all the functionality of real teeth. All-on-4™ immediate load implants are an option that permanently holds your dentures in place to eliminate annoying problems. They never need to be taken out, as your dentures are now like real teeth. Just four to six implants provide all the support you need to chew every type of food. And there is no waiting time of months for the bone to heal. As the name implies, you can have the implants positioned and on the same day eat whatever you like. 

In times past, when teeth were lost due to disease, trauma, or extraction, a patient was referred to an oral surgeon to have the titanium post implanted. Then it was a trip back to the regular dentist to have the crown placed over the implant. We take care of the whole procedure in a single visit, and there is no waiting time for healing between post and tooth placement.

  An Alternative to Regular Implants

Some patients are not candidates for regular implants due to diminished bone density. If you are frustrated with the problems from your dentures, you can possibly still have the stability and strength of implants with mini implants. In just one visit, you can have them positioned and then on the same day you can eat whatever foods you like! It is a quick and easy solution to a problem you may have been dealing with for a long time. You will be very pleased with the results they bring.

  No More Denture Slippage

Overdentures are another solution that stabilizes and gives added strength to dentures. It takes care of all the problems of slipping, wandering, or trapped food. Your bridge or dentures are secured with implants so they fit like they should and look very natural. Relief from denture problems will increase your confidence and give a new quality to your life. Be sure to ask us about this solution today! 

We can also design dentures that fit properly and won’t slip. You will no longer worry about what you eat or that your dentures will slip or shift to cause embarrassment when you least need it. We anchor your denture plate to eliminate all the problems from loose dentures to make your life easier and let you smile more often.

  Preserving Bone for a Dental Implant

A dental implant requires enough support with a strong and ample amount of jaw bone. If there is insufficient bone to place the implant, another procedure can help. As soon as a tooth is extracted, bone loss begins. At our practice, we can fill the area of the extracted tooth with a bone graft. This helps to preserve bone, even if you later decide not to have an implant.


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