Crowns in One Visit

cerec-logoIf you have ever had a crown placed for a restoration, you’re aware how drawn out the process can be. First the impression, then a temporary, and then the wait of two weeks or more. Another visit to the dentist to place the permanent crown, and if it doesn’t fit properly, yet another wait and another dental appointment.

Let Dr. Baker introduce you to the CEREC™ Omnicam computerized designing and milling system. What used to take weeks can now be accomplished in just a single visit! You will be very impressed with this technology, not just because it is quick, but because it gives you the perfect fit every time!

Impressions or temporaries are no longer part of the procedure. With a specific type of camera, a very accurate picture is presented on our computer screen. Dr. Baker designs the restoration from this image and CEREC Omnicam precisely mills the durable, natural-looking crown. It is permanently bonded to the remaining tooth structure and in hardly more than an hour, you are good to go! You couldn’t ask for an easier way to restore a damaged tooth with much less time in the dental chair.

There’s no charge to learn more about CEREC one-visit crowns. Call today at (727) 531-4462 to schedule your complimentary consultation.