Cosmetic Dentistry

  A Great-Looking Smile Can Be Yours

We want you to feel good, and part of feeling good is looking good. You can have your best smile with a combination of treatments we offer, both restorative and preventive. Today’s smile makeovers are so easy to obtain – and easy on your budget! – there is no reason not to move forward to obtain the smile of your dreams. Let us tell you how veneers, whitening, crowns, and bonding will give you a gorgeous smile.

  A Smile Makeover in Just Two Visits!

Don’t even think that your teeth can’t be corrected to a uniform, even smile – because they can! Regardless of whether your teeth have gaps or are misshapen or discolored, we can correct these conditions with porcelain veneers. With minimal tooth reduction, veneers are bonded to natural teeth, making your teeth straight and even for an attractive smile. They are made from dental ceramic that is durable but very thin, and when placed they maintain full functionality of all teeth. 

Veneers can be applied to all teeth or to cover a single chipped, cracked, or worn-down tooth. The veneer can match the surrounding shade of other teeth to blend in and look completely natural.

  A Crown May Be Necessary

When part of a tooth is broken off or regular wear has reduced the tooth’s functionality, a crown will save, restore, and strengthen it. Our crowns are made of the best quality materials with e.max™. The restoration looks so natural, you will forget it is not your real tooth.

  The Easiest Way to Completely Remake Your Smile

There are alternatives to permanent makeovers, and you might be interested to learn that with Snap-On Smile™ you can correct your smile with no tooth reduction, bonding, drilling, or shots. The appliance snaps over your existing teeth and is removable. It can be worn while eating, or not – it’s your choice! This temporary solution can nevertheless be worn for years, and the cost is very affordable. Patients have been very pleased with their new smile and we know you will be too!

  Dazzling Whiteness and Brightness in Just One Visit!

Professional-strength whitening can give you the brilliant smile you see in magazine and television ads. Power whitening can remove all stains and darkness in just one short office visit. The results – they can last for years! 

We also make custom whitening trays in our lab. You follow the guidelines we provide and use the supplies we give you. This safe technique returns results in 1 – 14 days. You will be happy how effectively this system works.

  No More Noticeable Fillings

The silver-mercury filling was commonly used by dental practices for decades. But this metallic amalgam contrasts with the color of teeth and can be very noticeable. It also does not bond tightly to enamel, and often allows decay to set in under the filling. Patients mostly object to the appearance of a dark restoration in light teeth. They don’t like how obvious it is when they laugh or speak. 

We use only modern composite resin fillings that bond tightly to teeth to greatly reduce any chance of decay setting in. Patients are very pleased with the virtually invisible filling that can be made to match the shade of the tooth. These natural-looking restorations also add strength to the remaining tooth structure and can last for years.

  Full-Mouth Rehabilitation

cosmetic-dentistryDr. Baker will always take the time to discuss your problems, concerns, and goals with you. Oral health is more far-reaching for your overall health than you may think. Many patients have chronic problems that are an offshoot of a problem with your teeth, gums, and jaws. Some of the issues occur from illness, injury, bite problems, and everyday wear and tear. Many people live with TMJ, bruxism, periodontitis, misshapen or crooked teeth, and missing teeth that often cause headaches, migraines, chronic bad breath, and toothaches. There are many treatments that can relieve these problems and add quality to your daily life. 

After digital X-rays, photos, and imprints of your mouth, Dr. Baker outlines your options for treatment to painlessly achieve excellent oral health and a beautiful smile. We also discuss phased treatment and financing to make your dream smile come true.

Schedule a complimentary consultation by calling (727) 531-4462, and discover how cosmetic solutions and teeth whitening can give you a brilliant new smile!